What are the signs of Porn-Induced Erectile Dysfunction?

REDMINUTE Gabe Deem founder of the website Reboot Nation answers the question "What are the signs of Porn-Induced Erectile Dysfunction?" PIED, as it's also known, can manifest in a few ways. Sufferers might find that they can't get aroused, even when with a partner, without fantasising about things they've watched online. They might also find they lose their libido [...]

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What is Porn-Induced Erectile Dysfunction?

REDMINUTE Gabe Deem founder of the website Reboot Nation answers the question "What is Porn Induced Erectile Dysfunction?" Porn Induced Erectile Dysfunction or PIED, as it's commonly known, is caused when you condition your brain's arousal template to be turned on only by pixels on a screen, only by pornography. This is a relatively new phenomenon brought on by the [...]

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Porn induced erectile dysfunction is a thing

A new BBC documentary called "Brought up on porn" has been released, exploring the effects of porn and it’s looking pretty down, literally. “Nick,” who features in the documentary, says that his porn habit made it almost impossible for him to get it up. 'I found that when I was lying next to a girl [...]

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Porn. The new Olympic sport.

The Olympic games are just around the corner and the competition is heating up, with many companies clambering to get their brands promoted in front of a huge global audience. Of massive concern during the games is the Zika virus, a dangerous bug that’s been running rampant throughout Rio, the home of games. Of further [...]

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Raising Porn Resilient Kids

On August 25th in Melbourne, Guilty Pleasure, along with The Youth Wellbeing project will be launching workshops for parents called "Raising Porn Resilient Kids." Running for a couple of hours, the workshops will focus on 2 components: 1. Your relationship with your kids and how to engage conversations with them about porn and online safety. 2. Technology, devices [...]

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The Porn Factor

Exposure to hardcore pornography is now mainstream, with porn becoming the default sexuality educator for young people. If you're a parent, teacher or guardian you should be very worried about how it is shaping young people's expectations and experiences. It is because of this huge concern that a documentary called The Porn Factor, will be screening in Melbourne, Australia, next [...]

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Up Periscope – Sexual harassment on the horizon

Is porn culture feeding a new route for sexual harassment? Recently we’ve been working on a new training course we’ll soon be releasing for parents, bringing them up to speed on the latest apps that kids are using. As part of this we’ve been experimenting with Periscope, the live video streaming app owned by Twitter, and [...]

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Virtual Reality – Porn’s new frontier

If you think VR (virtual reality) porn is still a while away, you’re wrong. With just a $20 piece of cardboard and a smartphone you’re now plugged in and ready to go. Thanks to the latest product from Google called ‘Cardboard’, VR has now entered the affordable mainstream and top porn sites are raring to [...]

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The Sex Factor – A new reality TV show

This week one of the top 10 porn sites in the world launched a reality TV show called “The Sex Factor.” The series will run over 10 episodes, throughout which eight male and eight female ‘upcoming’ porn stars will battle it out for a $1M prize. But it doesn’t stop there. As well as the [...]

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