6 Reasons Porn Seems Awesome

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You’ve got to admit it, porn is everywhere. It’s accessible on every smart device and computer I own. It’s used in advertising (or a softcore version of it is). It’s talked about on radio and TV. People post about it all over the internet. It’s rife on Twitter and other social media sites. According [...]

2015 The year that Pornhubs stats went even more weird

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So Pornhub, one of the biggest providers of porn on the internet, has just released their stats for 2015, a year in review so to speak. And it was most certainly the year that Pornhubs stats went even more weird. For us, it comes as no surprise that the world watched a lot of porn [...]

Grey Matters part 1

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On Wednesday, June 11, 2014 RoundTable and Guilty Pleasure partnered together for the REDROADSHOW event 'Grey Matters: How a porn saturated culture is affecting our brains and why should we care?' This video is part one of the recording. Pastor Sandy Citro from Cross Culture opened the event quoting: "It is easier to get pornography [...]