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Social media and our teens secrets

By |2016-10-14T11:11:04+10:00May 16th, 2016|Parents, REDColumn|

“Nobody is saying kids haven’t always been interested in sex—we all were—but I think what’s different is that access to pornography has changed how kids view sex in a big way. This is a huge, huge issue that should be the subject of a national conversation, and we are not having it.” This was the [...]

Not for Kids

By |2016-10-14T11:11:08+10:00March 7th, 2016|Parents, REDColumn|

A new children’s book “Not for Kids” has just been published, helping parents educate their kids about upsetting adult images and teaching them what they should do if they see any. Yesterday in Australia it was reported that “PORNOGRAPHY is turning children into sexual predators and prompting them to commit acts of sexual harassment [...]

Porn is harming our kids

By |2016-10-14T11:11:08+10:00February 29th, 2016|Parents, REDColumn|

“Porn is more difficult to avoid than it is to see” said Maree Crabbe, an expert sex educator for schools. “It’s giving a very distorted view of what sex looks like. Lots of children are seeing porn before they've ever had any sexual contact with anyone.” This was one of the many scary quotes shared [...]

How do I talk to my daughter about porn?

By |2016-10-14T11:11:09+10:00November 22nd, 2014|Parents, REDMinutes, REDMinutes Parents|

REDMINUTE Jessica Harris answers the question "How do I talk to my daughter about porn?" Pornography is not something you can just talk about with your daughter once, it's important that discussion about sexuality is ongoing. The conversation will change as your daughter matures, ranging from talking about how female sexuality plays out in her favourite [...]

Clean Feed Filtering

By |2016-10-14T11:11:20+10:00September 3rd, 2013|Parents, REDColumn|

At Guilty Pleasure, we are fairly clear that we are not a lobby group - there are some great organisations already out there lobbying government on the topic of sexualization and pornography. Our focus needs to remain on creating awareness about the harmful effects of pornography and connecting people with help. That said we wanted [...]

Why should we speak about porn’s effects at school?

By |2016-10-14T11:11:24+10:00May 10th, 2013|Parents, REDMinutes, REDMinutes Parents, Videos|

REDMINUTE No. 7 Fight the New Drug's Clay Olsen answers the question "Why should we speak about porn's effects at school?" Pornography is not just a moral issue, it is a public health issue. Just like any other public health issue is taught in schools, for instance drug addictions where we have resources and curriculums [...]