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Grey Matters part 1

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On Wednesday, June 11, 2014 RoundTable and Guilty Pleasure partnered together for the REDROADSHOW event 'Grey Matters: How a porn saturated culture is affecting our brains and why should we care?' This video is part one of the recording. Pastor Sandy Citro from Cross Culture opened the event quoting: "It is easier to get pornography [...]

How long does recovery take?

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REDMINUTE No. 14 Dr. Steven Lytle from Sparrow House Counseling answers the question "How long does recovery take?" Recovery looks different for everyone, but chances are, if you have been viewing porn for a long time, recovery isn't just a weekend conference or a one time counselling session. Recovery is a process that takes time. [...]

Why should we speak about porn’s effects at school?

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REDMINUTE No. 7 Fight the New Drug's Clay Olsen answers the question "Why should we speak about porn's effects at school?" Pornography is not just a moral issue, it is a public health issue. Just like any other public health issue is taught in schools, for instance drug addictions where we have resources and curriculums [...]

Pornography and Neuroscience

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This video was filmed in Melbourne at 1330 in Scoresby during Guilty Pleasure’s second Australian REDROADSHOW. Pornography is like second hand sexuality. Just like people who spend time with cigarette smokers will inevitably breath in the second hand smoke and be effected by it, porn has implications for the friends and family of those who view [...]