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The Inside Outers Group is a faith based recovery program facilitated by a qualified counsellor and is designed for men seeking to overcome their struggle with lust/sex/pornography. The group’s philosophy is that by choosing to be honest and vulnerable with others about our struggle, and facing the issues underpinning them, we can gain freedom from their power. This allows us to discover who we are, and walk in our destiny. The group is based on a group therapy model, which encourages sharing and interaction, allowing the issues and needs of each participant to emerge, for the purpose of personal insight and healing.

Who is the group for?

  • Men of faith seeking freedom from their struggle with lust/sex/pornography.
  • Those looking for a safe place to talk about it.
  • People that want to become my self-aware, and get in touch with the issues that may be driving the acting out behaviour.
  • Those that want freedom from addiction, and be empowered to follow their calling on their life.

What to expect

  • The group is facilitated by a fully trained counsellor.
  • A confidential and safe space.
  • The group is not a program, instead the content of the sessions will depend on what each person brings to the group. This allows the group freedom to go in the direction that it needs to.
  • It is a self-motivated group. Meaning that each person is responsible for what they want to share and want to achieve in the group.
  • Expect to feel a little uncomfortable, however this is normal and necessary for change to occur.

How long does it go for?

  • 1 evening a week over 8 weeks – 7:30pm to 9:00pm. (Week 1 and week 8 run till 9:30pm). Plus a 2 hour follow up session 8 weeks after the group finishes.

How many in the group?

  • Maximum of 8 people