Guilty Pleasure is pleased to announce the launch of an online book store named REDSTORE.

Created in partnership with Australian bookseller, Koorong, Guilty Pleasure is one of the first organisations to launch an online affiliate store.Koorong logo

REDSTORE is the first online store in Australia that provides a way for people to browse and purchase books about pornography addiction and recovery.

Gavin Shume, National Marketing and Buying Manager for Koorong has been pivotal in making this partnership possible.

“We are so pleased to be able to help Guilty Pleasure provide resources and information about such a pervasive issue in our culture. It’s fantastic to be able to blend the expertise of our two organisations to make these books readily available,” says Gavin.

The store features titles by authors like Dr William Struthers and Dr Allan Meyer – both of whom have previously toured with Guilty Pleasure in Australia.

With already 20 books listed, you’ll find something on there relevant to you regardless of whether you’re struggling or want to help someone else, whether you are a pastor, or a spouse.

We will be working with Koorong over the coming months to improve the store so we welcome feedback.

The Guilty Pleasure team would also love to hear from you about books that you’ve found helpful and not so helpful in breaking free from pornography.

>> Visit the REDSTORE now to check it out and find help resources.