Soul Survivor invited members of the Guilty Pleasure team to share about pornography at the Overflow Festival held near Melbourne back in April.

The team ran two sessions, one for youth leaders and adults, the other for youth. The first session, for those in youth leadership, aimed to give attendees an understanding of how to help someone in their youth group who might be struggling with porn, while the session aimed at youth focussed on how you could help a friend.

Guilty Pleasure founder, Jason Huxley was joined by volunteer, Luke Gibbons as well as special guest, Laura Baker. While Jason and Luke shared their stories and useful things they learnt along the way, Laura spoke about how a porn saturated culture is affecting our self esteem and self image.

With the average age of first exposure to pornography being around the age of 11, it is so important that this conversation begins at an early age.

A big thank you to Soul Survivor for having us at the festival!

If you are hosting an event and would like to arrange for someone from Guilty Pleasure to speak, find out more on our events booking page.