Speak with a professional to help achieve recovery success

Getting additional perspective from a professional counsellor or psychologist can be incredibly helpful in kickstarting your recovery journey. Speaking about your problems with someone can help you to work through any difficult feelings and think much clearer about your current situation. Plus it will help you set realistic goals you can achieve on the way.

One thing that I never did with my struggle early on was get professional help. This is something that I wished that I had done as it might have saved me a lot of turmoil.

Jason Huxley, Go For Greatness Founder



Name Session Style Phone Number
Simon Murray Skype or appointment 0412 444 191
Colin Corkery Skype or appointment 0411 241 643
John Anderson Skype or appointment  03 9736 2273
Mike Skewes Skype or appointment 0410 331 170
Zoe Broomhead Skype or appointment 0402 475 333
Life Builders Skype or appointment 03 9872 3010

New South Wales

Name Session Style Phone Number
Ken Parrott Skype or appointment 0414 483 708
Greg Powell Appointment only 02 9987 1151
Ms Keryn Shue Appointment only  02 9987 1151
Dr Cliff Powell Appointment only 02 9987 1151
Rev Dr Peter Powell Appointment only 02 9683 3664
Peter Thomas Appointment only 0411 129 375


Dallas, TX

Name Business Name Phone Number
Mark Verkler Samaritan’s Well 469 296 8569
Steve Lytle Sparrow House Counseling 214 736 9955
Daniel Gowan Benchmark Counseling 972 267 2800

Austin, TX

Name Business Name Phone Number
Jonathan Holmsten Weavings Wellness 512 865 6647

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