Accountability and filtering for your computer and smart devices

There is a range of software available that can be installed on your computer, smart phone or tablet that will act as a barrier between you and pornography. Filtering software is designed to filter out any sites that are questionable so that you simply cannot access them. Accountability software will send a report of the websites you have visited to a nominated friend.

Filtering vs Accountability

What is the difference?


Accountability software works by monitoring all the sites you visit on your computer, smartphone or tablet. You nominate a friend to be your accountability partner. Each week that partner receives a list of all the websites you have visited via email. Anything that is deemed to be a porn site, sexually explicit in nature or violent is flagged. Your nominated partner sees that in their email report and can then get in touch with you to see if you are doing OK.

This works really well as you know that someone is watching out for you while you are surfing the internet. You are accountable to them. They are helping you to keep yourself in check. On the journey to recovery it’s a fantastic way to make leaps forward in stopping your porn viewing habits. When selecting a partner always make sure they aren’t struggling with porn addiction themselves as this won’t be helpful in your recovery journey.


Filtering software works by completely blocking any websites that are pornographic, sexually explicit or violent in nature. If you are struggling with porn addiction and want to use filtering software, we recommend you use it alongside accountability software. This means you’re doing the journey with someone, rather than trying to go cold turkey on your own. Plus it helps generate transparency, and healthy conversations with your accountability partner.

For parents, filtering can be a great solution to preventing accidental access while your children are surfing the internet. We recommend you always converse with your kids about the dangers of porn and explain why the filtering software is used. If they do accidentally come across questionable content you want them to come and speak to you about it. Always make sure your computer is in a high traffic area, like the living area of your home.

During my recovery from porn addiction I found that filtering was like going cold turkey and drove me crazy. Essentially it meant I was still struggling by myself and suffered withdrawal type symptoms. Accountability worked much better because I was doing the journey with someone. Filtering is great but not the best for addicts.

Jason Huxley, Go For Greatness Founder

Software Options

Covenant Eyes provide both accountability and filtering software for computers and smart devices.


Webshield is an Australia only internet provider who filter your internet connection before it gets to your home.


NetNanny provides filtering software for computers and smart devices.


X3 Watch provides accountability software for computers and smart devices.


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