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How long does recovery take?

How long does recovery take?


Dr. Steven Lytle from Sparrow House Counseling answers the question “How long does recovery take?”

Recovery looks different for everyone, but chances are, if you have been viewing porn for a long time, recovery isn’t just a weekend conference or a one time counselling session. Recovery is a process that takes time. Going to counsellors and meeting with professionals can be the beginning of that process but it is a life long commitment. Many times it takes up to seven years for someone to start feeling a lessening of the desire to act out sexually.

It isn’t just a one time fix, it is a lifestyle change.

You can find a listing of counsellors on our help page.

Dr. Steven Lytle is a Clinical Psychologist with Sparrow House Counseling in Dallas, Texas.


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Luke Gibbons
Luke Gibbons is a volunteer with Guilty Pleasure. Luke's struggle with pornography and sex chatting eventually led him to open up to two friends who supported him in seeking professional help and going to rehab, beginning his recovery journey. Luke knows first hand how avoiding this topic and keeping a struggle with porn in the dark can disrupt friendships and destroy someone's character, but he also knows the hope and restoration that comes withe a life free from porn. You can read more of Luke's story right here.

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