This video was filmed in Melbourne at 1330 in Scoresby during Guilty Pleasure’s second Australian REDROADSHOW.

Pornography is like second hand sexuality. Just like people who spend time with cigarette smokers will inevitably breath in the second hand smoke and be effected by it, porn has implications for the friends and family of those who view it.

When men view porn they quickly lose all of the emotion in their face, they become very tuned in to what they are watching. Often men and women respond differently to porn, men are reflexive while women are more contextual. There are differences between the male and female brain, right from development when the presence of testosterone causes the male brain to develop, or the absence of it causes the brain to remain female.

There is something qualitatively different about sexual signals , like when the brain recognises exposed skin, it knows it needs to pay attention. This is why a women who is scantly dressed, will draw men’s eyes like magnets.

Food, drink and sex act on the natural pleasure pathways in the brain. Both drugs and porn exploit this pathway to tell your brain that it is getting food, drink or sex when it actually isn’t.

There are a number of hormones at work during orgasm which include Oxytocin, Vasopressin and Prolactin, which all bond you to who you are with at that point in time. Viewing porn during orgasm, these hormones will cause a bonding to the images at that point in time, rather than a real person.

Sexuality is more than just sexual relationships, it extends to the way we relate to our parents, our brothers, our sisters and our friends. When these relationships are working and feeding us we have can begin to have a healthy sexuality.

Dr William Struthers is a neuroscientist, author of the book ‘Wired for Intimacy: How Pornography Hijacks the Male Brain,” and Associate Professor of Psychology at Wheaton University in Chicago.