Gabe Deem founder of the website Reboot Nation answers the question “What are the signs of Porn-Induced Erectile Dysfunction?”

PIED, as it’s also known, can manifest in a few ways. Sufferers might find that they can’t get aroused, even when with a partner, without fantasising about things they’ve watched online. They might also find they lose their libido and sex drive for a real partner, but find their libido is very high for images/video on the screen. In the worst cases, suffers can loose the ability to get an erection, except for maybe getting one from extreme videos online. The good news is that thousands of guys have overcome PIED and seen themselves return to normal sexual function.

From Texas, Gabe found that his own life was affected by PIED when he was 23 years old. Recovery took him over 9 months and he now speaks regularly about pornography and the negative effects that it can have on people’s lives. His website helps people reboot their brains using encouragement and education, where a reboot is a complete rest from artificial sexual stimulation (i.e. pornography).

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Some of precursors would be it’s becoming more difficult to stay aroused with real partner, and maybe you have to fantasize about porn while you’re having sex. Maybe you’re losing your libido and sex drive for real partner, but you have a high drive four pixels on a screen. Ultimately it’ll get to a point where you no longer can get an erection, with a real partner and you’re dependent on porn.

And if you have severe porn induced E.D. sometimes we see this if the brain gets so desensitized, you no longer get can get an erection with porn either. But there’s the good news is you can recover even if you have severe porn induced E.D. we’ve seen hundreds and hundreds of guys recover from that so there’s always hope