Gabe Deem founder of the website Reboot Nation answers the question “What is Porn Induced Erectile Dysfunction?”

Porn Induced Erectile Dysfunction or PIED, as it’s commonly known, is caused when you condition your brain’s arousal template to be turned on only by pixels on a screen, only by pornography. This is a relatively new phenomenon brought on by the increased access and increased novelty of internet porn. The good news is that it is fixable. If you are struggling with it, you can recover.

From Texas, Gabe found that his own life was affected by PIED when he was 23 years old. Recovery took him over 9 months and he now speaks regularly about pornography and the negative effects that it can have on people’s lives. His website helps people reboot their brains using encouragement and education, where a reboot is a complete rest from artificial sexual stimulation (i.e. pornography).

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So what is porn induced erectile dysfunction? Well that’s where you condition your body, you condition your brain’s arousal template to be turned on only by pixels on a screen, only by pornography. This happened to me, you know, I was 23 and I got to a place where I could not be aroused by a real partner, no matter how attracted to her I was, and I could not get an erection with my hand alone when I masturbated. 

And so literally, I had to have porn to function. The only way I could get an erection when I was masturbating is if I was watching porn. And this is a new phenomenon brought on by the increased access and increased novelty of internet porn. And guys first started popping up with this in the 90’s but as increased access and speed of internet porn increased, like 2005 YouTube came out, that’s when you had an explosion of guys with this problem. And it is fixable, you can quit and you can recover. Thousands of guys all around the world are doing that.